Hand Dryers

We are extremely delighted to launch our new Ecofast hand dryer. Launched with a list price of INR 3800 ++ this is the most economically priced hand dryer in our product range. This hand dryer is meant for low and medium traffic applications. Ideally suited for offices, shops, hotel common areas, cafes etc.

At Askon, low cost does not translate to low quality. The quality of plastics we use are still high quality heat and fire retardant plastics. The electronic circuit and sensors are reliable and same as we use in some of the more expensive products. We still use transformer as it isolates the product from any fluctuations in supply mains and also increases product life. The motor used is 6500 RPM DC motor which is much better in quality than found in some of the cheaper imported hand dryers.

We are sure our customers will love this hand dryer as much as they love using some of our other products.

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