Sensor Taps FAQ

What are sensor taps?

Sensor taps are automatic taps which work with infrared sensors. They detect the presence of the user to turn the tap ON or OFF. The water flow is controlled by a solenoid valve which shuts the water ON and OFF

Sensor taps or automatic taps are important to maintain hygiene in public places in the post covid world. Their automatic touchless operation prevents cross contamination and spread of germs from one person to another. Also sensor taps lead to huge savings in water consumption. With shortage of this crucial natural resource, sensor taps play an important role specially in large commercial establishment to significantly reduce water consumption and meet their environmental objectives.

What are sensor tap prices?

The sensor tap prices for Rs 11500 incl 18% GST. Please send us your requirements on for the best discounted prices for your requirements.

What are the salient features of sensor taps?

Askon Sensor taps are made with the best quality materials like chrome plated brass faucet, brass solenoid valves and reliable electronic circuits. We use our more than 30 yrs experience in designing electronic circuits for long life and reliable operation of the sensor taps. Each material and component is selected after careful consideration to provide the best quality product to the user.

What are the benefits of using sensor taps? 

The two main benefits of installing sensor taps are reduction of water consumption and maintaining hygiene in public areas. Water consumption can go down by minimum 50% if sensor taps are installed in place of manual taps. This is good for the pocket and environment! Another major benefit is prevention of spread of germs by cross contamination. Maintaining hygiene in public places is of paramount importance in post covid world. Sensor taps provide

Do sensor taps require regular service and maintenance?

Sensor taps can be cleaned with just a moist cloth. Do not use any abrasive chemicals or cleaning solution on the brass faucet. Doing so will dull the chrome plating and damage the surface. There is a filter at the solenoid valve inlet. The same can be cleaned periodically depending on the sediments present in the water. Ideally the filter should be cleaned at least once in 12 months and sooner if using bore well or hard water. If the water quality is good then the sensor taps dont require much maintenance and servicing. However if the water quality is not good then the solenoid and filters can choke up or cause leakage as the debris will not allow the rubber diaphragm to close completely and shut off water supply.  Depending on these conditions a maintenance and service routine can be set up.

Do Sensor taps save water?

Yes. Sensor taps can save water in the magnitude of at least 50% or more. The water only flows from the tap when the hands are in front of the sensor. When the user is lathering the soap, no water flows. Also if foam soap is used it will lead to less water usage as it takes less water to wash off.  

How to install sensor taps?

The basin mount sensor taps are easy to install. They can be retrofitted to replace manual taps also. A small control box needs to be installed below the basin which has the water inlet and outlet connections of 1/2" B.S.P. The supply pipe goes into the solenoid valve inlet. The solenoid valve outlet is connected to pipe fitted to the sensor tap body.

The control box houses the solenoid valve, power supply unit / battery box and control circuit. The sensor tap body can be easily mounted on the basin and fixed with the help of a single long nut provided along with the sensor tap. The sensor connector and water supply braided pipe fitted with the sensor tap body are plugged into the control box.

If the sensor tap is battery operated then the batteries need to be inserted into the battery box taking care of the battery polarities. If the sensor tap is electrically operated then the supply cord plug needs to be inserted into the power supply socket.

The wall mount sensor tap also has similar installation procedure. However a conduit needs to be made in the wall to pass the water supply pipe and sensor connector through the wall and into the control box installed below the counter.

All the required fitting accessories are provided along with the sensor tap for easy installation.


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