Eco Fast Hand Dryer

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Eco Fast Hand Dryer AS 10-IR (W)

Ecofast hand dryer is a small compact hand dryer ideally suited for small offices, restaurants, cafes and other low to medium traffic facilities. The compact form factor makes it easy to fit this hand dryer into small washrooms also. The hand dryer boasts good air flow inspite of its small size due to a high speed 6500 RPM DC motor.

  • Power Supply:230 V, 50Hz, Single Phase
  • Power Consumption: 750 W
  • Construction Material: Fire retardant Poly Carbonate for extra durability and safety
  • Outer Cover:ABS Plastic
  • Noise Level :65 db @ 1 meter
  • Motor :Brushed DC Motor, 6500 RPM
  • Air Speed:25 m/s
  • Heating Element:Spiral wound, Kanthal make. Maximum air temperature at outlet: 70ºC
  • Designed and manufactured in India

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