Sensor Urinal Flush Valve

AS 06-IR (E) / AS 06-IR (B)

  • Accessible for easy maintenance
  • Solenoid valve with a piston valve technology, over traditional rubber diaphragm type valve
  • Adjustable sensing range and flushing time


  • S.S. #304 front plate for AS 06-IR
  • Front plate size: AS 06-IR - 150 mm (W) x 150 mm (H) x 8 mm (D)
  • Electrical type: 230V A/C single phase, Battery type: 6VDC (4 'AA' alkaline batteries)
  • Moisture-resistant electronic circuit sealed with resin
  • Concealed polycarbonate box dimensions: 130 mm (W) x 130 mm (H) x 72 mm (D)
  • Brass solenoid valve (removable) and flow control valve inside the concealed box
  • Inlet and outlet connections: 1/2” B.S.P
  • 360° debris screen (filter) for protection
  • Remote-adjustable sensing range and flush duration (common remote for multiple units)
  • Suffix (E) indicates electrical version, (B) indicates battery version

This concealed urinal sensor ensures a controlled flush mechanism, creating a hygienic environment. It has no visible screws on the front plate keeping it concealed. Its durability is ensured due to premium materials such as stainless steel, polycarbonate and brass.



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