InstaJet Pro Hand Dryers

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InstaJet Pro Hand Dryers AS 45-G2-Pro Series

The InstaJet Pro hand dryer is a high speed heavy duty hand dryer in a slim and compact design. It is completely designed and Made-in-India. This hand dryer features a 40,000 RPM motor which generates extreme high velocity blast of air to dry hands quickly. It also has a solid state relay for extended operating life, fire and heat retardant plastics for added user safety. The heating coil can be switched ON/OFF and motor speed can be adjusted to high, medium or low as per the user preference.

Key Highlights

  • The smallest and slimmest hand dryer in the world generating air speeds in excess of 110 m/s
  • Hand dryer with high speed 40,000 RPM heavy duty motor
  • Hand dryer constructed with flame retardant plastics
  • Available in variety of cover options
  • Consumes only 1200 W power which translates into power consumption of only 0.0033 units per hand drying cycle
  • Solid State Relay for longer hand dryer operating life
  • Auto timer cut-off and safety shut down feature and motor and heating coils protected with thermal cut-offs
  • Designed & manufactured in India
  • Operates automatically with IR sensors
  • Uses Solid State relay for extended operational life
  • Heating Coil ON/OFF switch
  • Motor speed adjustable with switch

  • Operating Voltage: Heavy duty brushed motor, 40,000 RPM
  • Outer Cover:
    Deep drawn Stainless Steel # 304 with brush finish for model: AS-45-G2-PRO-SB

    Deep drawn Stainless Steel # 304 with mirror finish for model: AS-45-G2-PRO-SM
    White Fire Retardant ABS for model: AS-45-G2-PRO-PW
    Steel cover with white enamel coating for model AS-45-G2-PRO-W

  • Construction: Made from high-impact resistant engineering plastics, flame & heat retardant
  • Power Supply: 230VAC, 50 Hz, Single Phase
  • Rated Power: 1200 W
  • Drip Proof: IP21
  • Air Speed: 110 m/s
  • Air volume: 450 m3
  • Noise Level @ 1 metre: 70 db - 80 db (depending on motor speed setting)
  • Drying time: 8 - 10 seconds
  • Unit Size: H 270 x W 210 x D 133 mm (Specially designed air filter & noise silencer)

  • Safety Shut down feature to prevent misuse and vandalism:

    Our exclusive and patented safety shutdown feature is designed to discourage misuse and vandalism, thus significantly reducing machine downtime and repair costs.

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