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About Us

About Us


Our Story

Manufacturing washroom hygiene accessories since 1985.

Company founded by Dr. Shreyas Shah, a medical practitioner, to cater to the hygiene requirements of clinics, hospitals, operation theatres.

Our products now find application in washrooms of all public places specially in the post covid era where hygiene is of paramount importance

Since our inception in 1985, our mission has been to deliver high quality hygiene products. Customer focus is built into all the aspects of our operations. From product design to after sales service, we make decisions keeping in mind the best interest of our customers.

User safety and environmental impact of our products are also very important considerations at our company. We aim to make products which are in operation for many years after installation and are easy to service & maintain. This is not only financially prudent for our customers but also better for the environment.

In today's post-pandemic landscape, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in public spaces has emerged as a paramount concern. Consequently, our products have garnered widespread acceptance not only in healthcare facilities but also in a variety of commercial and public spaces where hygiene is of the utmost significance.

Our Legacy

Our Legacy

Introduced in 1985

Our first product. The design became extremely popular and widely copied and is selling to date

Introduced in 1990

Introduced India’s first twin blower hand dryer with two impellers, motors and heating coil each

Introduced in 1992

Our first urinal sensor model AS-04 with thousands of installations across India many of which are still in operation

Introduced in 1995

Our first sensor tap model AS-50 with thousands of installations across India many of which are still in operation

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