Askon soap dispensers are used to dispense bulk liquid soaps. The soap dispensers are available in sensor operated and manually operated versions. These dispensers are an important tool to fight the spread of virus and infections specially in all public places. To find the best suitable soap dispenser for your application, please contact us today!

FAQs about Soap Dispensers


What are the salient features about the automatic soap dispensers?

Askon automatic soap dispensers are made with the best quality materials and technology to provide long term operation. They are built for commercial and heavy duty operation. They can dispense commercially available bulk liquid soaps. They are sensor operated. The sensor senses the user’s hand and dispenses soap on the hand.

What are the salient features of the manual soap dispensers?

Manual soap dispensers are dispensed manually my actuating the soap pump with hand. These comes in plastic and stainless steel construction. However the pump is always made of plastic. Our dispensers come with lock and key and dispense commercially available liquid soaps.  The stainless steel dispensers are made with Grade # 304 stainless steel and hence are durable and long lasting as compared to plastic dispensers. We also have wall mount and counter mount dispensers in our product portfolio.

How to maintain and service soap dispensers?

​It is easy to maintain and service soap dispensers. Like all products they require some basic cleaning and maintenance to work in the long term. The most important factor is to use a good quality soap which is free from impurities and debris which can spoil the pumps and cause leakage or block output. Do not use any abrasive cleaning chemicals specially on the stainless steel dispensers as it can cause the stainless steel to etch or make it dull. Just wipe them with a damp or moist cloth. Also do not let the soap remain on the outside surface of the stainless soap dispensers for long periods of time as most commercially available soaps are acidic in nature and not properly pH balanced. This can cause the stainless steel surface to etch.

For refilling the soap dispensers, it is advisable to use a funnel so that the soap is not falling outside the container. Usually janitors do not clean this soap which falls outside the container and it remains there over extended periods of time spoiling the stainless steel.

It is a misconception that stainless steel does not rust. It has enhanced resistance to rusting compared to iron or steel. However it requires some basic care and maintenance to keep it rust free.

​How to repair soap dispensers?

​For repairing automatic soap dispensers, please contact us or one of our dealers. There are number of components that may need to be replaced like the control circuit, sensor, motor or the pump.

​For the manual soap dispensers, only component that may need replacement is the soap pump. It can be easily replaced by anyone by simply changing the pump with a new one. For buying spare pumps for our dispensers please contact us.

​How to install soap dispensers?

​It is very easy to install soap dispensers. Just need to drill two holes in the wall and mount the dispenser.


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