FAQs about Urinal Sensors


What are the salient features of askon urinal sensors?

At Askon, we have been manufacturing urinal sensors since last 25 years. We have rich experience in designing these products and our urinal sensors are installed and used for many years after installation. This is due to following reasons:

1) Our experience in designing and manufacturing superior electronic circuits for urinal sensors which have long service life

2) Using the best components like brass fittings, non-rusting and durable polycarbonate concealed boxes and stainless steel front plates

3) Availability of spares and after sales service for many years (typically 10 years availability of spares) 

4) Whenever our products are redesigned to make them better, we ensure backward compatibility in spare parts so our older urinal sensors can be supported.

How do askon Urinal Sensors work?

Askon urinal sensors work on infrared sensor technology. This is the most commonly used technology in proximity or presence detection applications. The sensor detects the presence of the user and then initiates its program to flush at appropriate times by controlling the solenoid valve. Though this is an over simplistic explanation of how urinal sensors work, this is the gist of how urinal sensors work. 

What are the prices for urinal sensors?

our urinal sensors price range starts from INR 8350 (excluding applicable taxes, delivery charges etc)

What are the types or urinal sensors?

There are mainly two types of urinal sensors:

Concealed Type Urinal Sensors

In these type of urinal sensors, the control box is concealed into the wall and a plate is mounted on top of the box with a cut out for the sensor to detect the presence of the user. The sensor, control circuit, solenoid valves, flow control valve and power supply unit are located inside the concealed box.

Wall Mount Type Urinal Sensors

In these type of the urinal sensors, the whole unit is mounted on the wall. These are battery operated only as it is not possible to provide electrical supply from the supply mains. All the components of urinal sensors are located inside the brass or the plastic housing of the wall mount type urinal sensor.

Do urinal sensors require any regular maintenance?

Askon urinal sensors do not require any regular maintenance. However if the water used in the flush is brown or recycled water, then the filters of urinal sensors can choke up and require regular cleaning. Hence if brown water is used for flushing, we recommend to put a basic filtration system in place to  remove the sediments from water.

Can the spare parts of askon urinal sensors be changed without removing the control box and breaking the tiles or expensive marble?

Yes. This is an important consideration we keep in mind while designing our urinal sensors. Many imported urinal sensors require you to completely remove the control box if you want to change the solenoid valve. This becomes a very expensive affair as you have to break the tiles / marble and the cost of the repairs becomes more than the cost of product.

Hence we have kept our urinal sensors highly modular and repairable so our customers can avoid such expensive repairs during the life time of the product.

How are askon urinal sensors powered?

Our urinal sensors are powered either by batteries (4 AA alkaline batteries) or a AC-to-DC power adaptor but not both at the same time. The power source is located inside the control box.

What settings can be made in the urinal sensors?

The user can change the duration of flush time and sensor range of the urinal sensors.

How can I buy askon urinal sensors?

You can contact us on 99303 89999 or email us on info@askonhygiene.com. Our team will be happy to guide you through the purchase process for the urinal sensors.


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