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Privacy Policy

At our company, the privacy and data of our customers is extremely valuable to us. At all cost the privacy and data integrity is not compromised. Many times our customers share their contact and other details they feel relevant for the business transaction. We handle this data with utmost care and responsibility. Below are the salient features of our privacy policy:

• The data is not shared with anyone outside the company

• Only the financial details and product traceability details are maintained for the purpose of tax compliance and fulfilling our obligation under warranty.

• Customer contact details are not used for spamming or marketing purposes. However we may use email to contact customers to gather feedback, inform them about new products or offerings or for greetings on special occasions. However customers can choose to opt out of the same.

• Only pertinent information is accessible to relevant departments or personnel required to fulfil their responsibility assigned to them.

• Any other details like drawings, plans or information not relevant to us is not stored in any form so that it cannot be misused in the future by anyone in the company or shared to anyone outside the company.

For any queries, please contact us by sending any email on and our team will be happy to assist you.

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