Sensor Urinal

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Sensor Urinal AS 07-IR (E) / AS 07-IR (B)

This urinal sensor model features a stainless steel front plate. It has a clean and classis design which elevates the washroom decor. Apart from stainless steel brush finish, this model is available in three different colours like black, champagne gold and rose gold. It comes with our reliable and fast acting sensor technology for accurate and reliable operation. The model is fitted with brass solenoid and flow control valve. The electronic sensor is completely sealed to prevent damage from water or moisture along with provision of waterproof connectors. The settings like the sensing range, duration of flush time and pre-flush ON / OFF can be adjusted with remote.

Key Highlights

  • Designed and Manufactured in India
  • Non-rusting and extremely durable polycarbonate concealed box
  • No visible screws on front fascia plate
  • Dual filter mechanism to reduce choking of solenoid valve
  • Electronic circuits sealed to prevent moisture damage
  • No breaking tiles or wall for replacing spare parts
  • Settings to be changed with remote control

  • Accessible for easy maintenance
  • Solenoid valve with a piston valve technology, over traditional rubber diaphragm type valve
  • Adjustable sensing range and flushing time
  • S.S. #304 front plate for AS 07-IR
  • Front plate size: AS 07-IR - 150 mm (W) x 150 mm (H) x 8 mm (D)
  • Electrical type: 230V A/C single phase, Battery type: 6VDC (4 'AA' alkaline batteries)
  • Moisture-resistant electronic circuit sealed with resin
  • Concealed polycarbonate box dimensions: 130 mm (W) x 130 mm (H) x 72 mm (D)
  • Brass solenoid valve (removable) and flow control valve inside the concealed box
  • Inlet and outlet connections: 1/2” B.S.P
  • 360° debris screen (filter) for protection
  • Remote-adjustable sensing range and flush duration (common remote for multiple units)
  • Suffix (E) indicates electrical version, (B) indicates battery version

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