Liquid Soap Dispensers

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Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser ASD-130AD

  • Material: ABS
  • Color: White
  • Battery Operated: Use four 1.5V (C Type) Alkaline batteries. Power supply adapter can be used. (Adaptor and batteries to be purchased separately.)
  • Refillable bottle capacity: 1200 ml
  • Dimensions: H 260 x W 151 x D 110 mm
  • Protected by a lock and key
  • Dispensing Volume: 1.5 ml - 2 ml per operation depending on the viscosity of the sanitizer.
  • Drip type / spray type nozzle option available.
  • Drip type model suitable for liquid & gel sanitizers.Spray type model suitable for liquid sanitizers only.
  • ON / OFF switch to turn the dispenser On or OFF
  • Battery Low indicator LED

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