Automatic Shoe Polish Machine


  • Designed for heavy commercial use
  • Crafted from durable powder-coated steel sheets throughout
  • Equipped with separate shoe polish brushes for black and brown shoes
  • Model ASM-60 features sensor-operated automatic start-stop functionality
  • Model ASM-50T incorporates a stainless steel support bar with feather-touch start and stop controls
  • Convenient shoe cream dispenser box for effortless application
  • Proudly manufactured in India, complying with the highest quality standards for longevity.

  • Support bar provides support to the user while polishing the shoes
  • Sturdy steel construction with black powder coating
  • Stainless steel # 304 support bar, brush finish, with feature touch start button to operate the machine
  • Better access to brushes from the sides of the machine
  • 15 second auto timer cut-off
  • Separate brushes for black and brown shoes
  • Brush dimensions: Diameter 130 mm, Width 75 mm
  • Machine size: Height 265 mm, Width 390 mm, Depth 220 mm
  • Support Bar size: Height 750 mm, Diameter 32 mm
  • Powerful 1400 RPM Motor
  • Power Supply: 230 VAC, 50 Hz, Single Phase

The shoe polish machine takes the hassle out of shoe maintenance. It is designed for heavy-duty work, allowing it to be used commercially. The shoe polish machine also comes equipped with separate brushes for black and brown shoes.



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