Single Blower Hand Dryer

AS 45-IR Series

  • Traditional hot air type hand dryers
  • Heavy duty motor for use in heavy traffic facilities
  • Low noise operation which makes it ideal for places where low noise is desired
  • Comes with variety of cover options
  •  Made with fire retardant and heat resistant plastics 
  • Auto timer cut-off and safety shut down feature
  • Motor and heating coils protected with thermal cut-offs
  • Designed & manufactured in India

  • Outer Cover:
    Deep drawn Stainless Steel # 304 with brush finish for model AS 45-IR (SB).
    Deep drawn Stainless Steel # 304 with mirror finish for model AS 45-IR (SM).
    White Fire Retardant ABS for model AS-45-IR (PW).
    Steel cover with white enamel coating for model AS-45-IR (W).
  • Internal components of fire retardant polycarbonate plastics with anti-microbial additives for utmost hygiene & safety
  • Power: 100 W
  • Power Supply: 230 VAC, 50 Hz, Single Phase
  • Heating Coil: Spiral wound kanthal heating element.
  • Motors: Brushless AC motor, 2850 RPM
  • Maximum air temperature at outlet: 70°C
  • Noise Level: 70 db @1m
  • Size: H 270 x W 210 x D 115 mm
Safety Shut down feature to prevent misuse and vandalism:

Our exclusive and patented safety shutdown feature is designed to discourage misuse and vandalism, thus significantly reducing machine downtime and repair costs.

The single-blower hand dryer is your conventional type of hand dryer designed for heavy use. It is suitable for noise-sensitive environments and also offers thermal cut-off protection. The auto timer cut-off and safety shutdown ensures safety and protection.



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AS 45-IR (W)”

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